Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Longhorn Beta1 only compatible with two kinds of graphics chips

Microsoft will be opening tonight to show the General Assembly next Winhec2005 Longhorn Longhorn operating system, the beta1 version. According to the operating system Longhorn beta1 has been received and installed, said testing of the testers, Longhorn beta1 Avalon 3D user interface built-in support only two kinds of graphics chips, which are ATi's Radeon 9800 or NVIDIA's Geforce FX 5900. That is, if the player installed Microsoft Longhorn beta1 test version, if not more than two kinds of graphics chips, so can not open the Avalon 3D interface.

Want to use the Longhorn Beta1 of Avalon 3D user interface, can only use two graphics cards?

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Black, then it" is not very "black"

Following this in March, the domestic long-distance rates from 0.3 yuan / minute to 0.25 yuan / minute, Shanghai Telecom, then it has once again lowered rates, domestic long distance is now reduced to 0.2 yuan / minute. Shanghai Telecom stakeholders that tariff reduction is mainly deal with low rates of black, then it impacts their business.

The author believes that if it's black domestic long distance in the "tariff re-balancing" played a positive role, so that consumers benefit from it. In a sense, if it is not very black "black"!

From a consumer point of view, inadequate in the competition of fixed telephone market, the emergence of black, then it reduces the degree of market concentration, weaken the dominant fixed network operator's monopoly on long distance telephone services to promote long-distance business charges dropped. In the traditional telecom operators and emerging network operators, "black, then it" the game, the beneficiary of consumers, eat the sweetness.

From the operator point of view, the power of technological progress is unstoppable, and only use their own funds, technology and operating experience of the advantages, through lower prices, improve service quality and to provide consumers with more value-added services, only to increase consumer stickiness with black, then it's competition in an invincible position.

At the same time, major telecom operators is also made business transformation strategy moving the times, the operator's long-term development of strategic importance, but the transition should not merely in words, must be implemented to the actual operation of the market them to enhance their implementation capacity, it can really adapt to the challenges of industrial change.

Communications industry as a whole trend from the perspective of the market during a voice call, packet-based VoIP technology sooner or later to replace the traditional circuit-switched voice technology. Sharp drop in call costs, while the industry will quickly lower the threshold, the result of the interaction between the fixed telephone market is shrinking rapidly even as the evaporation. Combined with wireless broadband technologies (such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX) with the combination of VoIP, mobile voice market will also face serious challenges.

From the regulatory point of view, the rapid development in IT technology, under the driving force, such as black, then it virtual network operators such as the emergence of the telecommunications industry trends. Relevant government departments to adapt to industry Fazhanqushi only gradually, for market development Zhengqueyindao, Zai-related laws on the conduct appropriate changes Xuni operator business Hefa, formal operations, to make Dianxin industry Nenggoujiankang, continued De development.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pao GS-816FC Fiber Disk Array

Baode GS-816FC fiber storage disk array to meet the massive Library, IDC data center, open and public utilities on the throughput bandwidth, access performance, storage ability for demanding business-critical, real-time video editing, digital libraries, online transaction processing, massive data mining to provide material security.

64-bit core technologies: Pao GS-816FC 64-bit RISC CPU, in addition to compatible 32-bit server and operating system, would also be an excellent fit for the market and the popular 64-bit 64-bit server operating system, which is not only the speed fast and compatible with current and future 64-bit hardware and software systems, especially on the hundreds of users simultaneously access the speed performance was particularly evident.

Strength of the reading and writing skills: use of 2Gbps Fibre Channel RAID controller and new controller design, to achieve more powerful processing capability, high-speed ECCSDRAM up to 2GB cache, read and write-back in advance (write-back cache) function, to ensure the disk array read and write operations on the performance.

16 million people also visit: Pao GS-816FC up to 160,000 IOPS maximum (IO per second access number), that is, 16 million people visit the same time, the largest I / O throughput up to 760MB / s (IO per second throughput), especially for hundreds of concurrent users to simultaneously access the above performance requirements, high throughput can be greatly satisfied with college radio and television and streaming media and information inquiries and more requests for visits;

Body mass storage expansion: Pao GS-816FC maximum support 124 drives with a capacity of 18TB, and can use native COREMANAGER management software module management, the software is JAVA-based graphical environment management software, the user can easily disk array control the operational status of each module, and can be intuitive RAID disk array configuration, LUN allocation management, and so many management functions.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hot stocks head invasion: with input for the stock market frenzy

Today, vast land on the rise to an "All stock" of the boom, "you open an account yet? Earned many times over?" After meeting has become a common greeting. The popularity of the Internet today, Internet stocks have become shareholders are the favorite stocks of the most convenient way, not only can be done without going to buy sell trade, but also on the network and friends from all over the world " Tangulunjin "stock exchange of experience.

The use of online communication and ultimately the natural character input method, Pinyin input method is able to get started without having to learn the characteristics of some of the stock market and access to computers for a friend who is undoubtedly the best choice. In this article I will share with you friends investors Sogou Pinyin input method in the course of a few stocks Magical.

1, "soaring bull market," to discuss a color head skin

Many investors like to discuss the score, for example, many stocks of friends, like red and hate green, this is not entirely a superstition, but in a good mood yourself.

Sogou input method to understand friends all know that it supports skins, so I am pleased that the small investors is the official band of the skin, there is a "bull sky" skin.

Figure 1, the bull market raging discussion luck

Set is simple, click on Sogou Pinyin input method to set the status bar button, select the replacement skin銆?銆?銆?銆恇ull market soaring on it. If the additional skin like this to set the font and size, then set the property from the銆?銆怉ppearance tab set.

2, the stock name, code fast input

Investors often through instant chat friends stock exchange experiences and lessons learned, and requested the master of their own stock for pointing analysis. How to quickly enter their name and attention to the stock code to get the most efficient communication or instructions, they can use Sogou Pinyin input method in a custom phrase function.

Give an example, I have in hand Shandong Expressway (600 350), one vote, in order to achieve fast input "Shandong Expressway (600 350)" The purpose of open Sogou Pinyin input method setting window銆?from 銆怉dvanced tab to find custom phrase section, click the Settings button on the back, the pop-up window, click 銆愩? to add a new definition, in the short part of the input "sdgs", then enter in the content part of the "Shandong Expressway (600350)", save the settings. When we ask people again to the shares on the contents of Shandong high-speed, only need to enter "sdgs" on it.

Figure 2, the custom software language quickly enter the stock name, code

How like? It is very convenient, in fact, this feature can be achieved using the function is very large, investors can take the time to pondering a friend, in principle, is for those who frequently need to enter a relatively long or complex phrases to simplify import.

Sogou Pinyin input method has another advantage is that the Internet thesaurus function, with further escalation of hot stocks, stock market-related terms are more and more appear on the network, also began to more search engines are included, but Sogou Pinyin input method on the preferred network of hot words with the word set has a lot of shareholders of my friends, this can greatly improve the accuracy of word choice to enhance input efficiency.

Finally large shareholders wish a friend gold from the stock market success, but also to remind our new friends in the market, "stock market risk, investment caution. "


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Liang Wang: Whitman's China troubles

eBay CEO Meg Whitman, left the Chinese less than two weeks, the market is or has been rumored that she will come to China again, the news. Sources said that Whitman's trip to find vacancies in addition to eBay eBay for up to 1-year-old CEO candidate, will be located in the eBay eBay Shanghai, personally took three months, to work with other competent authorities with a CUP eBay's PayPal payment issue the final landing.

eBay eBay's new CEO will come from multinational corporations, rather than by the current COO of Zheng Xigui successor. The timetable for PayPal landing in China, is not later than July. At press time of this writing so far, eBay eBay spokesman were not recognized on the news, but said Whitman out of the China market, may often show up in the second half, including Hong Kong, Greater China.

Replacement of the company head office, so that the whereabouts of place, word or two, has always been a hot topic in the media track, which the parties often do not have arms, or vague, or secretive, or near, do not spare more than the article. So, Whitman This time China, whether do not have a mind?

"Soil" problem

In 2003, after the initial investment 30 million U.S. dollars, eBay to 150 million U.S. dollars to complete the acquisition on eBay. Despite eBay's global plate, son of China's strategy of fabric to complete the slowest, but overall, after eBay acquired through several scales of the siege operations, eBay has the local C2C (online auction) Company Arts, cool must so out of the market, another local Taobao C2C forces were once forced to dissociate itself from outside the mainstream of the portal, managed to support, the situation worrisome. It is eBay eBay heyday.

But then the story was not so nice.

In 2004, as Yahoo and Sina, a joint venture company C2C network involved in a shooting, eBay eBay and the conspiracy of silence the first three portals cracks. This year, one of the three portals Sohu as well as the joint venture form of Sharu MSN China portal market, has extended an olive branch to Taobao, eBay eBay is after the loss of arm grabbed the Netease, TOM, and Tencent, China online auction market, the resulting trend of balanced development of the three camps.

C2C market led to numerous more reasons oligopoly structure, in addition to Taobao and a strategy for making a free web streaming of the eBay fees eBay user outside, eBay eBay itself was too rigid where multinational decision-making model is also an incentive. It is understood that after the head of eBay eBay COO Zhengxi Gui does not have sufficient autonomy, things have to be overseas and far away in Asia-Pacific president, Global CEO, COO and other world to discuss four management systems; and local Tactics Taobao has a faster and so is the response mechanism.

In fact, the inability to adapt has led to many multinational Internet companies in China, as a little. Far as AOL joint venture with Lenovo FM365, Yahoo China before the 3721 merger, such as the recent post-merger outstanding Amazon, and MSN China joint venture in the United States Blethyn. Despite the excellent start into the Amazon after the vintage and veteran representatives of major shareholders think Mercury has attachment Lin, eBay eBay founder Shao Yibo, Tan Haiyin, also out of line management, but more international companies are not far above Far throw off their homegrown rivals Dangdang and Taobao, but was repeatedly pressed on the latter had to make a fresh start, while the profit point in time and therefore more unpredictable.

Pay crux

The indications are that Whitman This time China is an important mission, is to pay for the long-awaited tool for PayPal landing in China carried out the government public relations. Sources close to eBay that eBay, PayPal plans to enter China has entered a substantive stage, but has yet to be CUP's approval.

CCID Consulting analyst Zhanglin Jiang told reporters, leading to delays in difficult PayPal settled in one of the reasons China is good to resolve the refund issue, when the Chinese buyers and sellers to reach overseas returned goods, capital agreements, how PayPal return of capital is still a problem. In addition, China is also worried about a number of unidentified high-level money may flow overseas through PayPal, or a large inflow of foreign domestic pressure on RMB appreciation.

But Zhang Linjiang that the communication with China Union Pay, eBay on PayPal to eBay might come face-lift to meet the needs of China's national conditions, but this way, PayPal already exists relative to domestic third-party payment advantage will be difficult to expression.

PayPal is facing greater barriers to electronic transactions from the Chinese government on security concerns. Existing domestic laws as PayPal are non-bank financial services or Internet service is difficult to define innovation, but as a third party payment platform, PayPal can act as banking functions, direct control of the transaction amount, it may appear from the CBRC's supervision is called ultra vires the risk of trading funds.

How tax is also a problem. Currently, no laws on domestic C2C transactions related to limit the tax issues. China's relevant laws and regulations of VAT, although that individuals sell their used junk duty free, but filled in the vast majority of eBay auction on eBay is not a second-hand, more business in his own name registration, disguised tax evasion. If, after PayPal settled the problem is still not properly solved, will likely lead to more trouble. Whitman himself so twice in one month visit to China, and this is not unrelated.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

DVD Ripper

ImTOO DVD Ripper is super fast DVD ripper software which can rip DVD to AVI, rip DVD to MPEG, DVD to WMV, DivX, VCD, MP4, MP3, WMA and other video/audio formats easily and quickly in excellent quality. Free download ImTOO DVD Ripper - easy DVD ripping/DVD converting software to rip DVD to AVI, rip DVD to MPEG now.

Click image to enlarge ImTOO DVD ripper is powerful DVD ripper, DVD rip software to rip DVD movie to almost all popular video/audio formats like DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, VCD , MP3, WMA, etc. easily with high DVD rip speed.
Compared with other DVD rip software, ImTOO DVD Ripper has more settings easier than ever to customize. Whether you are a veteran or beginner, you will feel it's developed for you!
ImTOO DVD ripper provides you excellent image and luxuriant sound in smaller file size just within a few clicks. Easy and fast in DVD rip!

Software Features:
1. Suit for both veterans and beginners
If you are a veteran, the DVD rip software has so many options for you to set; if it's the first time you rip DVD movie, just ignore these options, and use default settings customized to rip DVD directly in a few clicks.

2. Automatically check your CPU type
ImTOO DVD Ripper can check your CPU type automatically, fully use your CPU to rip DVD in the best DVD ripping speed.

3. Support preview
You can preview the DVD movie before started, or even watch the DVD movie at the same time when rip DVD.

4. Select chapters to rip DVD at will
Support ripping DVD movie entirely or with one/several chapters, or rip DVD movie with any segment.

5. Support DVD info retrieval
You may choose to retrieve DVD info from the internet automatically or manually.

6. Support batch conversion
Select all files you want to rip, the DVD ripper software will automatically rip them one by one.

7. Excellent image and sound quality
Using ImTOO DVD Ripper, you will get any movie format you want with excellent image and sound quality.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Easy DVD Copy

Easy DVD copy is a powerful and efficient tool which allows you to make a backup copy of a DVD movies that you own. You can not only copy DVD movie to DVD R/RW disc, direct burn to the target disc makes it really quick and easy to create DVD copies and backups, but also Copy DVD movie to your hard drive for future copy or viewing, and burn DVD from DVD-Video folder (VIDEO_TS) on your hard drive. The cloning engine can shrink any DVD video (up to 9.4GB) on to your DVDR disc (4.7GB or 8.5GB) with no loss of content or quality. It copies the complete DVD with all menus, trailers, language tracks, subtitles, stereo, and 5.1 surround with DTS or Dolby Digital. Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.Copies can be played back on home and computer DVD players